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Colt was an American inventor, industrialist,

and businessman who established Colt’s Patent

Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company and made

the mass production of revolvers commercially viable.

Furthermore Colt’s first two business ventures were producing firearms

in Paterson, New Jersey, and making underwater mines;

both ended in disappointment. Again His business affairs improved

rapidly after 1847, when the Texas Rangers ordered

1,000 revolvers during the American war with Mexico.

Colt’s manufacturing methods were sophisticated.

Moreover His use of interchangeable parts helped him

become one of the first to use the assembly line efficiently.

Besides the most famous Colt products include the Colt Walker,

made in 1847 in the facilities of Eli Whitney Jr.,

the Colt Single Action Army or Peacemaker,

the Colt Python, and the M1911 pistol,

which is currently the longest-standing

military and law enforcement service handgun

in the world and is still used today.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the CQB/M45A1

model anymore as they have been discontinued

as a factory pistol. Moreover the Colt Combat Unit Rail 1911

comes pretty close.

IN addition Manufacturing Company has begun to sell its popular

AR-15 modern sporting rifle to civilians again. In June,

Importantly the company did a complete 180-degree turn after it had

exited the civilian market for modern sporting rifles last September.